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Italian Registration Authority

1. General Information

The RA is responsible for the assignment of domain names within the country code "IT" (ISO 3166).

The Italian RA also manages the operative registries of the Top Level Domain .it. The general operating rules called "Regolamento" are defined by the Italian Naming Authority.

The activities of the Italian Registration Authority (RA) are developed by Institute of Informatic and Telematic of the National Research Council (IIT-CNR). The role of the Registration Authority is held by the CNR due of technical and scientific skills acquired in the field of network services, recognised by IANA (Internet Assigned Naming Authority) from the second half of the 80's for spreading the IP protocol in the Italian research environment.

Until recently the RA acted on behalf of GARR (Gruppo Armonizzazione Reti della Ricerca) because the Italian Internet users mainly belonged to the scientific research sector. Following the increase of Internet users for commercial purposes, it was decided to handle this service in an autonomous manner, and the MURST (Ministero della Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica) is presently improving this service assigned to, and run by, the CNR. Until the Ministero delle Poste e delle Telecomunicazioni produces a complete set of rules it has been decided that the working group of ITA-PE (Naming Authority Italiana), should operate according to a similar procedure.

Furthermore, the RA is responsible for the activities related to the assignment of names defined by other standards, in particular for the assignment of domain names in accordance with the ITU X.400 standard (electronic mail) and for the assignment of "relative distinguished names" in accordance with the ITU X.500 standards (global directory). The RA is also responsible for applying the rules of translation between the names assigned with the standard ITU X.400 and the Internet domain names (RFC822).

The RA also supplies additional services, such as hosting on the RA systems secondary nameservers for those domains upon request. Moreover, several lists on topics that are of interest to the Italian Internet Community are maintained alongside various databases regarding Internet, including the database of the active domains in the Top Level Domain it.


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