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Base Services
(included with domain transfer/registration)

NetRegister is the best place to maximize value for all your domain names. We have an unequaled service set for your domains which is included FREE OF CHARGE with each domain name registration or transfer. The only price you pay is the registrar costs for your domain and all of these features are yours for as long as you wish to use them at no cost. Here is the list of some of those great features:

    • Domain registration
    • Setup fees
    • Welcome Page
    • DNS management
    • Web Server
    • Mail Server
    • Meta Tags generator
    • URL forwarding
    • Email forwarding and Email CatchAll
    • Domain Control Panel
    • Web Stats
    • Graphical FTP traffic reports
    • Download live httpd raw log access
    • Web Server errors
    • Last Web Access
    • Tools
    • Service and Helpdesk
    • Technical support

Domain registration.
Register your domain now ! With all the possible extensions. All services to put online your domain are included. With our online wizards you can register your new domain (or transfer it!) in few minutes. It is important to remember that registering a domain name for future use can protect your company’s brands and trademarks on the Internet by preventing others from registering them first.

Setup fees.
A year registration fee, starting from the registration/transfer date.
The only price you pay is the registrar costs for your domain, all of these basic features are yours (free of charge) for as long as you wish to use them. You can now register domain names for periods of up to 10 years, providing cost savings through reduced administration.

Welcome Page.
Easily "park" your domain at a page you can customize until you build your site. If you don't have a website set up already, we provide a free, customizable page for use as a 'coming soon' notice to your visitors. Once your domain is registered or moved to NetRegister, your visitors will be directed automatically to a Welcome Page. Your Welcome Page creates an immediate web presence that incorporates your domain name .If you already operate a website, you can redirect visitors there by activating the URL forwarding service. Your Welcome Page remains visible until you are ready to use URL forwarding service or you can continue to use the Welcome Page indefinitely. You can edit the text on the Welcome Page directly in your domain Control Panel.

DNS management.
Free DNS Features usage, you can also change them with your owns or another provider’s every time you want. You can set the IPs and hostnames of servers in outside networks to handle your email and web requests while your domain remains hosted with us. Our Dns management gives you all the features for directly control your MX records, A records and add CNames to your hostnames:

You can use our dns servers that NetRegister setup with every domain registrations/transfer. You can also change the DNS information listed as authoritative for your domain name.
warning: if you want setup your own IPs or DNS servers please go in your domain control panel enter in "Additional Services" (advanced services) link and start "Free Dns management" service at no cost.

Web Server .
Print Web Server Parameters. NetRegister use Apache on Linux servers for all domains.With Additional Services you can also use Microsoft™ IIS Server, Asp pages and Visual Basic scripts.

Mail Server .
Print Mail Server Parameters.

Meta Tags generator.
In Domain Control Panel you get access to our professional Meta Tags generator. The importance of Meta tags for your web site can't be emphasized enough, as they are the first to be checked by the search engines. The Meta Tags generator will help you to create proper Meta Tags for your website. The Meta Tag Keywords should be those words or phrases that you think people will use when trying to look for a site like yours on search engines.
To rank high on search results, your website must have a focus and the text should emphasize it. Incorporate your Meta tags within your site's first paragraphs (60 words) and repeat them throughout the text. Here a list of Search Engines that use Meta Tags: AltaVista, Excite, Google, HotBot, Infoseek (Go), Lycos, Northern Light and WebCrawler.

URL forwarding.
Forward/redirect your domain name to any other URL/website on the web. Drive traffic to a website wherever it is hosted. With this service, your site is located where you decide but your domain is the only thing visitors will see in their browser. Meanwhile, visitor experience and your Web brand are strengthened because your URL stays short and memorable. With URL Forwarding, we can send anyone trying to go to your URL ( to your "real" website (, wherever it may be on the web. Simply setup in the domain control panel what your URL address is and we will forward any incoming requests for your domain directly to your site. This enables you to have a simple and easy to remember Web address. It also allows you to move from one ISP provider to another. Save money and get the identity you want!
NetRegister will have the right to insert in its own HTML form or publicity banners that enable the visitors of your web site to check the availability of domain names (click here for a sample or view our faqs). Free Url Forwarding gives your site a professional image since NO publicity banners will be added from our part. See Free Url Forwarding pricing .
The destination-URL can be altered at each point in time during the 12-month period through your domain Control Panel.

Email forwarding and Email CatchAll .
Create your personalized email addresses and forward them to other email addresses. Create a catch-all (wildcard) email address. No advertising is added to forwarded emails. Create email addresses using your domain and ensure that you receive email sent to any address that uses your domain. Enjoy flexibility and greater customer credibility without added cost. Extra email accounts make your business look bigger without employing extra email management on your part. With E-mail Forwarding, you have the ability to have all email that is addressed to forwarded to your current email address. We forward ALL mail associated with your-domain-name to your email account. The EMAIL CATCHALL feature will forward all email sent to any email address that you have not already configured with your domain.

Domain Control Panel.
Thanks to a very simple and understandable interface directly from your personal domain control panel you can manage and administrate all your domains, every time you want, 24 hours a day. You can also order and manage all the additional services you need!

Insert here (or in the Login button on the right of our homepage) your Username and Password and click on "Enter now!" button to enter your control panel. Forgot your Username and Password ?

You could be able to do immediately the following:

- Domain Status
- Domain Parameters
- Letter Assum. Resp.
- Welcome Page
- Dns Parameters
- Web Server
- Mail Server
- META Tags
- Redirect URL
- Email Aliases
- Billing Contact
- Invoice
- Additional Services

- POP3 Emails
- Make Workgroup
- Tools
- FP Extensions
- Uninstall Services
- New NetMoto Light
- New NetMoto Pro
- Statistics
- Download Logs
- Web Server Errors
- Last Web Access
- Renewals
- Php+Perl+MySQL

You could also buy directly from the control panel all the Additional Services we at NetRegistert have been chosen for you, for example:
- Web Space (Unlimited hosting)
- Additional POP 3 mailboxes
- Additional Email aliases
- Windows2000 hosting, Linux and Virtual Servers
- Microsoft™ Frontpage 2000 Extensions
- Free URL forwarding
- Promote your site in Search engines

Web Stats.
View graphic statistical information about your Web site's activity.
NetRegister maintains 2 separate web stats. You can updates a graphical analysis of your web site's traffic whenever you want. This includes general information about the amount of hits per month, along with more specific information about the most popular pages, times of day, bytes transfered, and cache savings. Using this display, you should be able to get a general idea about what aspects of your site are appealing to visitors. The graphical statistics (generated in real time) for your web site may be viewed from the Domain Control Panel. Web stat service has been optimized to process large logfiles as fast as possible.

Download live httpd raw log access.
Download your raw log files to your own computer software for analysis.You may use your web site's raw log file with a third-party log analyzer to generate statistics in any manner you like: i
f you would like to gather more information from your log files and/or display it in a different format than that which is provided by our log analyzer, then you may wish to use a third party tool to analyze your site's raw log files.

NetRegister maintains 3 seperate log files on each domain name. These log files contain valuable information on who is visiting your website, referral information, errors encountered by visitors on your account, and FTP transfer information. Below is a table which outlines each log files and its purpose:

Log Files on
Name Description Path
Access LogLogs each hit to your web server/logs/
Error LogLogs any errors encountered on your web server/logs/
FTP Transfer LogLogs extensive information on every FTP transfer session /logs/xferlog

Your raw log files found in the /logs directory are automatically moved at midnight of the first day of every month. Finally, you can also have reports automatically e-mailed to you when your statistics are updated. The raw log file for your web site may be obtained from the Domain Control Panel.

Web Server errors.
After walking a site you might want to examine the error table to find out if there were bad links or otherwise unaccessible documents. Select this service if you wish to view the last 500 row errors for your web server. The results will automatically open in a new window. Note: this utility will only display the most recent number of lines (500). To view older information, you will need to download your log files via domain control panel.
Your Apache access_log and error_log, and your FTP xferlog are all reset at midnight on the first day of every month. What this means is that we move all of your monthly data to an old gzip compressed logs and clear your logs for the new month.

Last Web Access.
The webserver grabs all of the information possible about everyone who visits your website and appends this information to a single webpage in reverse chronological order. This information includes visitors' date and time, their IP address and the URL requested.

Graphical FTP traffic reports.
View graphic statistical information about your FTP site's activity. NetRegister maintains 2 separate ftp stats: upload traffic & download traffic from your ftp site. This report works only if you have an active ftp account.

Service and Helpdesk.
Although primarily a provider of website hosting, our service has grown to include global domain name registration and Search engines
solutions. We see it as an important part of our service to understand our customer’s Internet requirements and proactively meet their needs. Customers benefit from our dedication to these core values:

  • Providing cost-effective, leading edge, online business opportunities
  • Maintaining performance and reliability
  • Providing excellent customer and technical support

Providing the best hosting services is not only about using the best technology. NetRegister is constantly adapting and broadening its range of services to reflect the future needs of its customers..

Technical support.
When a customer opens an account with NetRegister, we see it as a starting point from which you build an Internet presence and we learn about your additional requirements. One of the keys to building a web solution for our customers is often the quality of our technical support. Our customers vary greatly in their technical experience and our support team provides advice and assistance wherever they are on the Internet learning curve. A customer’s first port of call when looking for advice is the step-by-step guide in the technical support area of our website.


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