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Renewal of Domains & Services

Renew your domain (or Additional services) it's quick and easy: you no longer need to remember your own expiry dates! We will do it for you, sending you an e-mail to warn you that your domain/service is expiring.

If you do not wish to renew your domain just let the subscription expire automatically!

If you decide to renew your domain, for another year, you just have to:

    1. enter your Domain Control Panel (or Workgroup Panel for centralized renewals)
    2. click on the "Renewals" link
    3. mark the domain/service you wish to renew
    4. choose the payment method
    5. confirm the procedure

As you can see, you are free to decide whether to confirm the registration or not, without any signed letter or boring and waste-timing procedure.

Warning! The renewal request for an expired domain can be accepted only if the domain will be renewed for 2 or more years.

Late - Overdue Renewal

For domains that are registered under TLDS .com, .net, .org, .info the following renewal and deletion policy clauses will apply. We will send email communications to alert you that your domain name registration service will expire on a certain date. We will send 10 remiders starting 60 days prior to expiration. If you do not renew the domain name registration by the expiration date, the domain name registration is subject to deletion at any time after that. In an effort to help you avoid unintentional deletion of your domain name registration, we may, but are not obligated to, provide you with a "grace period" after the domain name registration services expiration date (a "grace period" begins on the day after the date of expiration). Our Registrar provide a minimum grace period that extends 8 days past the expiration date, to allow the renewal of the domain name registration service. During this grace period you can renew the domain name registration. We recommend that if you intend to renew a domain name registration you should do so in advance of the expiration date to avoid any unintended domain name interruption. After the grace period the domains DNS (Domain Name System) resolution path will be interrupted for 8 days. Our Registrar redirect all web traffic to a web page that conspicuously indicate that the domain name registration has expired and will provide renewal instructions. During this DNS Interruption you will be able to renew the expired domain name. ( Fees to renew the domain during the DNS Interruption are detailed below). Upon renewal of the domain registration we will restore the DNS (Domain Name System) resolution path to its previous setting as soon as is commercially reasonable. If an expired domain name registration is not renewed within the 8 days of DNS interruption, pursuant to our terms, the domain name registration will be deleted. Registry Operators may provide registrars with the ability to "redeem" a deleted domain name registration, called Redemption Grace Period (RGP) and we, in turn, provide you with an ability to redeem a particular domain name registration. Registry Operators may provide an RGP for 30 days from the date of deletion. When we provide the redemption service to you, we charge a fee (detailed below) to redeem and renew a domain name registration during the RGP. If the domain name registration is not redeemed by the expiration of the RGP, it is then placed on "Pending Delete" status for five additional days, after which it is deleted and the domain name character string is then once again available for registration. Redemption Fees The cost to redeem, restore and renew the domain for 2 year is . 160.00 DNS Interruption Fees The cost to redeem, restore and renew the domain for 2 year is . 130.00

Frequently Asked Questions about renewals:

When and where are renewal notification email messages sent for expiring domain names?
The domain name renewal notification email messages are sent at least 60/45/30/15/5/4/3/2/1 days before the domain name is set to expire. These renewal notifications will be sent to the billing and administrative contacts on file for your domain name. You can stop the renewal messages in your domain Control Panel.

Do I have first priority to renew this domain name, or can another individual register my domain name when it is up for renewal?
The current registrant of a domain name has the right to renew the registration term before the expiration of the domain name. However, should the current registrant choose not to renew the domain name, the name will become available to other potential registrants.

What if I want to renew some of my domain name registrations, but not others? Do I have to renew them all?
No, you do not have to renew all of your domain name registration terms. Renewal link allows you to renew one, some or all of your domain names. Domain name registrations that are not renewed will expire and you will no longer be the registrant of the expired name. Expired domain names will become available to other potential registrants.

Can I renew my domain name registration term before my current term is set to expire?
Yes, you can renew your domain name registrations at any time during the registration term by logging into Domain Control Panel and clicking on the Renewal link.

If I wish to transfer registrars at the time of renewal, can I do so?
If you want to transfer the registrar for your domain name, you can do it easily online using NetRegister's automated Transfer of Registrar process.

What are the payment modalities?
Our payment modalities are:
- Wire transfer (Bank);
- Deposit slip (Post-office) mainly for Italian citizens and / or companies.
- Credit Card/Debit Card; NetRegister offer online payment possibilities (SSL 128bit - Verisign Certified Company) Nonetheless, you can always comunicate us your credit card details over fax.
The Domain Names registrations can be done in real time. That is why we only register the domain name you applied for after having received a proof of payment.


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