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Rules for the assignment of a .IT domain name

(time rough for registration: 2 hours)

Naming Rules set down the rules for the assignment of domain names under the ccTLD .it.:
  • The Registration Authority assign the domain names IN USE to the registrants, following the chronological order of the requests; it's very important to complete the Netregister's online forms for register quickly a domain

  • .IT domain names may be registered by VAT-registered EU companies and tax-registered European individuals

  • Certain domain names are reserved (Reserved Domain Names)

  • A domain name cannot be booked

  • VAT-registered EU companies may register an unlimited number of .it domains

  • Non-tax registered European individuals may register only one .it domain

  • In order to register a domain name beneath the .it TLD, you have to send to the RA (for every domain name) a Letter of Assumption of Responsibility (LAR); Netregister wizards send you via email a compiled LAR which must be signed and sent to the Authority fax number +39 050 542420

  • The registration procedures ends only when the domain it is uploaded in the database of domain names under the ccTLD ".it", which is called the Registry of the Assigned Names (RAN). The uploading procedure takes place when the Registration Authority has received all the necessary documentation and has checked its functionality

  • Domain names can contain only the following characters: from "a" to "z", from "0" to "9, and the symbol "-" (dash)

  • Domain names must not begin nor end with the symbol "-" (dash)

  • We strongly reccomend you not to use the symbol "--" (double dash), because the order of characters "--" could be used in the future to encode other characters (such as letters with accent, ideograms, etc.). At present, this topic is under the evaluation of IETF ("idn" group)

  • The length of a name can be between three (minimum) and 63 characters (maximum)

  • There is no difference between small and capital letters

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